The Power of Online Advertising

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The Power of Online Advertising


How is online advertising different from other types of advertising?


Why is online advertising important for a business?


How does it work?


To answer all these questions, let's take a case study


Mr. Prem owns a small business called KV Agro. He is a spices manufacturer and sells Turmeric, Chilli and Coriander powders under the brand rasoiKESAR.

rasoiKESAR - Premium Masalas

To promote Rasoi Kesar, Prem decided to go for print media such as Print Ad in local newspaper and a commercial Weekly Newsletter. He approached a local Ad Agency and designed a good visual Ad and finally published it. He spent a good amount of his marketing budget buying a full-page ad in the local newspaper and a Weekly newsletter.


When he opens up the Next day newspaper and sees his ad in all its glory, he was excited. He was pretty sure that this Ad campaign will help rasoiKESAR to generate lots of Inquiries and Leads, and finally drum up new customers.


But, Is he really confident that his ad is working?


Let’s find out

Does Prem Know how many people saw his Ad?


Does Prem know that his target audience saw his Ad?


Does Prem know that if his Ad led to an increase in his sales?


Result :

Unfortunately to his surprise!, Hardly 4 or 5 inquiries he received from this Ad Campaign and Ad in the newsletter.



While print is a good idea, Prem should also consider doing online advertising. That way he would have more idea of how many people in his target audience would see his Ad.


The ability to track your ads’ performance is just one of the reasons why online advertising can be a valuable tool for startup and Brick and Mortal businesses


Online advertising also offers a lot of flexibility and can help you reach a variety of business goals – whether you want to sell more products, get potential customers to contact you, or achieve something else altogether.

Benefits of online advertising:


With online advertising you have power over:


Customization: Tweak your Ad to help reach them right audiences.


Search Term Selection: Choose which search terms your Ad to show up for.


Localization: Target your Ad to specific geographic areas.


Cost: Adjust how much you're spending on clicks and views at any time.


You can take steps to make sure your online advertising is setup for success. We will show you in our next blog of this series, how to target specific customers, be found by people searching for your products or services, set your budget and measure your Ad's success and value.

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